Have You Ever Felt Like You Were Completely Alone in A Crowded Room?

February 6, 2018

Most of my life, I felt alone – even in a room full of people. When I was young, sissy, faggot, stupid, fat boy, where names that I heard often unaware of the deep impact they would leave behind.

Shame led my life, I had no idea how to love myself or even what that really meant. I never felt like part of the world. And worse, I didn’t deserve to be in it because somehow, I knew I wasn’t like everyone else. I would stand in a room full of people or at a party and notice how empty I felt. At an airport, I would look around while waiting at the gate and think, why can’t I have someone who loves me to travel with? The answer was deep inside and something I didn’t want to look at. I was gay and in reality, I was ashamed of who I was. I also had built a wall of fat around my body to protect myself from getting hurt and the shame of gay was covered by the shame of being fat. Although I spoke differently, I was way too scared to look inward so I let the outside world keep reminding me that I was not good or worthy of the things I wanted in my life. All this pressure and shame caused so much internal pain and made me feel very alone and unlovable.

Breakthrough Shadow Coaching is about breaking through and breaking free to YOU!

After many years of hiding my shame, I was led to the work of bestselling author, Debbie Ford and that was when my life started to change. I attended a weekend workshop called The Shadow Process and it was at that event my personal transformation began. After the weekend, I worked with a Breakthrough Shadow Coach and that completely changed my life and I was able to see possibilities beyond what I ever imagined. It gave me the courage to look inside and discover the roadblocks that I created to hold me back. Throughout the process, I lost 55 pounds, ended a relationship that didn’t really serve either one of us, changed my career and moved to another state. I learned how to have those difficult conversations with people in my life that I had been hiding from and avoiding. I found a spiritual path that truly serves me and enhances my life. I now have the courage to open myself up to love in ways that feel safe and exciting. I wake up with a powerful sense of self that I never had before, I was able to break free to BE ME, and truly feel like I am part of the world!

Breakthrough Shadow Coaching can allow you to connect with yourself so you are NEVER alone.

When you explore this unique method of coaching you can feel strong and confident to do what was not comfortable doing. You know that is really okay to be yourself in any situation and the shame of the past will not hold you back. You will affirm that you have what it takes because you can draw from inside vs. wanting for outside acceptance or validation. Be confident that you would like to have a relationship if that should occur but with a newfound relationship with yourself that opens you up to love. You are complete and don’t need another to fill a void. You feel very proud and excited about these new awareness’s and experience more joy and ambition to use the tools you now possess.

So, if you want to FILL the room instead of feeling alone, let’s talk about how you are really feeling deep inside about yourself.

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